Essemtec wins 2021 Mexico Technology Innovation Award for its solder paste jet dispensing solution

Essemtec, the Swiss manufacturer of production systems for electronic assembly and packaging, received a 2021 GLOBAL Technology Award in the category of Mexico Technology Innovation Award for its Fox / Puma with Archerfish Solder Paste Jet Dispensing Solution. The award was announced during a ceremony that took place Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021 during SMTA International in Minneapolis, MN.

The Archerfish, with its exceptional natural abilities – speed, precision and cleverness – inspired Essemtec to develop its solder paste jetting solution. When combined with the multi-function capabilities of Fox and Puma, the result is best-in-class prototyping and small run capabilities to dispense solder paste and place components

Just like the Archerfish, the integration of the VDST valve gives Essemtec’s state-of-the-art machine platforms the ability to jet solder paste for components 01005 (0.4 mm pitch) up to 0402 after adjustment of the settings. The Archerfish offers freely selectable and combinable settings of jet parameters for optimal adaptation to customer requirements and characteristics of the dispensing material. The dynamic shockwave technology allows it to jet several hundred shots within just a second with high accuracy and repeatability.

The Fox combines jetting/dispensing, 2.5D placement, electrical testing, inventory control, and traceability in a single machine. The state-of-the-art technology is expandable in any direction. The Fox can drive up to 200 feeders!, illustrating its dedication to high-mix production. 

Also expandable in any direction, the Puma offers different modules, enabling the system to grow synchronously with the customer’s requirements for performance and processes. Puma is the world`s best high-speed Pick-and-Place solution that can also be used in ultra-flexible, rapid prototyping development. Puma offers a combined process: Highspeed placement and dispensing in single pass-through with 1, 2 or 4 placement-axes and 1-2 dispense processes.

“The ultimate paste jetting technologies developed by Essemtec is the lastest major add-on in our unique All-In-One value proposition,” Franz-Xaver Strueby, CEO Essemtec Group. “Fast prototyping and NPI require innovation to cope with the current and future industry challenges and the last 18 months market adoption is confirming the value of the Essemtec business solutions.”

The Mexico Technology Awards acknowledge the latest innovations available in Mexico produced by OEM manufacturing equipment and materials suppliers during the last 12 months. For more information, visit

Essemtec’s value proposition offers best-in-class business solutions to enable their customers significant competitive advantages and a solid return on investment by mastering the overall equipment efficiency made possible thanks to uncompromising designs, and powerful software and integration capabilities. For more information, visit