Essemtec to Show the Latest Innovation for Solder Jet Printing at SMTAI

Essemtec, the Swiss manufacturer of production systems for electronic assembly and packaging, will exhibit at the the SMTA International Exposition, scheduled to take place Nov. 3-4, 2021 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN. The company will highlight its dispensing solution for both the electronics and medical industries in Booth #3520.

The Archerfish, with its scientific abilities – speed, precision and cleverness – inspired Essemtec to develop its solder paste jetting solution. The Archerfish waits for its prey in the salty brackish water of the mangrove forests. Just below the water surface, it observes its prey, calculates the refraction of the water jet, calculates the distance and the environment of its target and fires a targeted water jet at its victim. Hit by the jet, the victim falls into the water, where the hunter waits and eats his prey with pleasure.  

Just like the Archerfish, the integration of the VDST valve gives Essemtec’s state-of-the-art machine platforms the ability to jet solder paste with dot sizes from 200-800 μm after adjustment of the settings. The Archerfish offers freely selectable and combinable settings of jet parameters for optimal adaptation to customer requirements and characteristics of the dispensing material. The dynamic shockwave technology allows it to jet several hundred shots within just a second with high accuracy and repeatability.

On display will be a Puma system equipped with the Archer Fish solder jet dispensing solution and an additional second dispensing valve adaptable to many medical requirements. The system also wil be set up to demonstrate its unique multi function component pick-and-place capability as well, all on a single space saving platform.

Essemtec’s value proposition offers best-in-class business solutions to enable their customers significant competitive advantages and a solid return on investment by mastering the overall equipment efficiency made possible thanks to uncompromising designs, and powerful software and integration capabilities. For more information, visit