element14 Community presents “5 Things to Know about Buck Regulators” Webinar

electronics industry newselement14.com, an Avnet community, is to be joined by Simon Foley, Market Development Manager at Vishay for a webinar entitled “5 Things to Know About Buck Regulators” on 4 November, 2020 12pm BST.

Automation is driving the world into a completely new era of communication. As a result, the power ecosystem is now fundamentally being transformed into a workhorse, to deliver essential energy to those critical IT infrastructures. Vishay ICs, provide solutions to overcome key infrastructure power conversion challenges including:

  • Increasing global ICT power consumption, forecast to triple in the next decade
  • Increasing cooling costs for data centres
  • Power hungry CPU and SoC
  • Higher portability and less space in electronics devices
  • More stringent and tougher application environments

During the webinar attendees will have the chance to win one of four Vishay Synchronous Buck Regulator EV Boards by submitting a question.

Attendees can get the most out of the webinar by viewing a video roadtest conducted by the element14 Present’s video host, the Bald Engineer, James Lewis. The Vishay SIC 461 Evaluation Board is a versatile silicon carbide based DC to DC buck convertor which allows the user to evaluate the SiC461 (10 A), SiC462 (6 A), SiC463 (4 A), or the SiC464 (2 A) microBUCK® regulators for their features and functionalities. The board has multiple switcher versions that provide 10, 6, 4 and 2 amps of output. Input voltage can range from 4.5 to 60 volts and the output is adjustable down to 0.8 volts. These regulators accommodate a variety of applications, including computing, consumer electronics, telecom, and industrial.

The Vishay Synchronous Buck Regulator EV Board and other Vishay products are available from Farnell in EMEA at uk.farnell.com/vishay.

To register to attend the Vishay Buck regulator webinar visit www.element14.com.