element14 Community launches new essential learning module on GaNFETs for power conversion

As the world moves towards low emission vehicles, renewable energy, and increased industrial automation, there are new demands for improved, efficient power modules to convert electric energy to drive dynamic loads. element14, an Avnet community, has added a new learning module, as part of its essentials learning programme, focussed on the use of GaNFETs for power conversion.

The course, sponsored by Nexperia, reviews the requirements of electronics in power conversion applications, the limitations of current solutions, and the potential for GaNFET technology, which is well suited to renewable energy and electric vehicle applications. The Nexperia GaNFET range is available from Farnell.

For more information, or to take the element14 Community essential module, visit: https://www.element14.com/community/community/learning-center/online-learning/essentials.