Electrolube Facilitates Product Selection with New Websites, Online Tools & Samples

The specialist electro-chemicals manufacturer, Electrolube, has announced the launch of its brand new product selection tool to help customers source the most pertinent products more easily for their application requirements. The new product selection tool has recently been updated on Electrolube’s website, www.electrolube.com, and provides a good starting point for those new to Electrolube’s vast portfolio of Thermal Management solutions, Encapsulation Resins, Conformal Coatings, Contact Lubricants, Service & Maintenance Aids and Cleaning products. 

The new selection tool simplifies the process of sourcing the most suitable solution for an application and features capabilities that not only compare different products, but also cleverly narrow down the available choices with questions that provoke more thought. On all of the key product group pages that feature on Electrolube’s new websites, the product selection tool enables visitors to filter down key properties such as Temperature Range, Thermal Conductivity, Density, Flame Retardancy, Application Type and Chemistry Type.

Electrolube specialises in global solutions but also offers some products to the local market place, using locally sourced materials to meet specific application requirements. The company is therefore delighted to announce the launch of two new websites, for the USA and India respectively in order to meet the demand for more application-focused product sourcing. Both websites are now live at the URLs www.electrolube.us and www.electrolube.in. Key features include the new product selection feature to help visitors shortlist the most suitable solutions for their application requirements. Electrolube has also extended the product sampling facility to include Encapsulation Resins and Thermal Management solutions in addition to Conformal Coatings.  

Ron Jakeman, Electrolube’s Managing Director, comments, “As reliability and performance are key factors for manufacturers looking to transform their end-products, Electrolube has focused on the numerous and varied application requirements of different industries to vastly improve search results for both our existing and new customers. We are currently working on all Electrolube websites across the world to feature the latest dynamic user-friendly tools and features, as well as offer a wider range of samples for encapsulation resins, thermal management products and conformal coating solutions. The content is now highly focused on sourcing the most relevant solutions for customer applications and the new product selection tool has been developed to make narrowing down products even easier.”