Ecotile help Paxton take access control to the next level

Paxton are one of the European market leaders in electronic access control, they have achieved this through 30 years of innovation; creating simple yet intelligent products to provide reliable security to small and medium sized buildings. Their USP in this competitive market is the exceptional level of support and service they offer to their customers 6 days a week 52 weeks a year so when they needed an ESD floor at their manufacturing facility in Eastbourne they naturally chose Ecotile interlocking floor tiles.

Paxton choose their suppliers very carefully and tasked Adam Sibley from Kaisertech with suggesting a number of ESD flooring solutions. Kaisertech was founded in 1998 and through hard work and dedication have grown to be a well-recognised supplier of electronic production equipment and tools to companies such as BAE, Sony, Nokia, Honeywell and IBM as well as Paxton.

Paxton’s paramount criterion was flexibility as they are growing so fast that they need to be able to change their production layout to accommodate new lines on a regular basis. Of the options suggested Ecotile was the only ESD flooring that met this objective.

“Ecotile was the most practical solution as we didn’t need to stop production for a moment and we were amazed how quickly it was completed. We considered vinyl but after seeing how Ecotile works at Siemens in Poole it was a very easy decision and employee feedback has been 100% positive”

Alan Pavey, Operations Co-Ordinator, Paxton

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