Leading distributor of electronic and technical components, Distrelec, finished on the podium three times in Munich last week at the “Distributor of the Year” Awards. These prestigious awards recognize Germany’s best distributors and the company’s overall progress and achievements were recognised in three separate categories.

Distrelec placed second in the highly influential ‘Sustainability’ category. This is testimony to the company’s constant efforts to improve its operations and deliver ever greener processes. In addition, Distrelec placed third in the ‘Digitalisation’ category, highlighting the progress made through an initiative called “Back to the Digital Future”. Lastly, Distrelec also placed third in the competitive ‘Supply Chain Performance” category.

“We are delighted to receive these awards – and we have our customers to thank for this ranking” said Holger Ruban, CEO of the Distrelec Group, as he accepted the certificates at last week’s ceremony. “The biggest reward we could ask for is to be recognised in the eyes of our customers. This shows us that we’re moving in the right direction and will give us momentum to finish the year strongly.”

For more information, visit www.distrelec.com.