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When maximum reliability is required for electronic assemblies, ZESTRON is your partner in reliability.
ZESTRON offers a wide selection of water-based, semi-aqueous and solvent-based precision cleaners for SMT electronics, power electronics and semiconductors, to remove flux residues, resin residues and solder paste from circuit boards / pcbas, power modules, flip chips, stencils, maintenance parts, and more. To optimize the cleaning process, ZESTRON offers various products for monitoring the cleaning agent concentration, and cleaning agent recovery and processing.
A worldwide team of process engineers across eight locations supports electronics manufacturers to choose the most suitable cleaning process for them. In ZESTRON’s technical center, cleaning machines and chemistry can be compared on a manufacturer-neutral basis. Various cleaning systems (spraying, ultrasonic, immersion, batch or inline machines) from leading manufacturers are tested under practical conditions. Electronics manufacturers also have the opportunity to compare their current cleaning chemistry with ZESTRON products. The results are analysed in ZESTRON’s analytical center using high-resolution methods such as ion chromatography. This allows the best combination of machines, cleaning agents and process monitoring methods to be determined for the customer, regardless of the manufacturer. Based on the test results, the customer can make a safe and confident purchase decision.
With our ‘Reliability & Surfaces’ training courses and individual technology coaching you can learn more about the reliability of electronic assemblies. Our courses include: failure analysis, risk assessment, surface analysis and surface qualification, cleanliness management, and coating and wire bonding processes.
How to find the optimum cleaning process: