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Yamaha Motor IM

Since 1984, Yamaha Motor IM (a subdivision of Yamaha Motor Corporation) has served the world’s electronics manufacturers with advanced surface-mount assembly equipment. Its modular machine concept ensures clients always enjoy a competitive edge in the drive to build the latest boards using advanced components in ever smaller and more diverse packages. Today, these range from 03015 passives to large automotive connectors.

Leveraging established expertise in technologies such as servo-motor control and image recognition for camera-based vision, Yamaha Motor IM is able to offer a full line of machines including solder paste printers, high-speed mounters, 3D optical inspection machines, 3D X-ray machines, flip-chip hybrid placers and dispensers. This is the industry’s only true Total Line solution founded on a common hardware platform and running on a unified software environment, Y-Fact, and so offers unique seamless data flows between machines in the line and real-time response to events.

Clients benefit from Yamaha’s advanced and easy-to-use productivity tools that aid tasks such as setup, monitoring and traceability. The Mobile Judgement app delivers status updates direct to the operator’s mobile and permits decision-making on the move. Yamaha also has time-saving smart-feeder technologies that connect to Y-Fact, and engineering resources to solve unusual component-handling challenges.

Over 35,000 Yamaha machines are now installed throughout the global surface-mount assembly business, supported through an efficient, unified design, engineering, manufacturing, and sales and service infrastructure that spans Europe, North America Japan, China and Southeast Asia. This truly global network assures clients of the best-in-class on-site sales & service support.

Yamaha’s state-of-the-art Total Line Solutions comprise:

–           Yamaha screen printers

–           Yamaha high-speed dispensing solutions

–           Yamaha surface mounters

–           Yamaha AOI and AXI systems

–           Yamaha semiconductor assembly solutions

–           Yamaha final assembly solutions

All Yamaha solutions operate on the single unified software platform Yamaha Y-FacT, which offers major benefits for customers such as:

–           Increased efficiency

–           Faster and more accurate programming

–           Much faster learning curve for operators

–           One graphical user interface on all Yamaha machines

Contact: Ms. Oumayma Grad