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Walsall Inductive Components


T5 Two Tameway Tower, 48 Bridge Street

Walsall, West Midlands

Telephone: 01922 722 933

Walsall Inductive Components Ltd is based in Walsall in UK’s West Midlands and

was formed in May 2008 when its parent company, Scandinavian Transformer Group, purchased

the complete assets, intellectual property rights and goodwill of the prestigious Walsall

Transformers Ltd. With its roots steeped in inductive components and a combined workforce of

150, Walsall Inductive Components has acquired over 45 years of experience in the design,

development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of a broad range of transformers and

inductive components to a distinguished customer base serving a diverse range of applications.

The company has now, through its strong parent company Scandinavian Transformer, established

fully equipped and staffed manufacturing plants in Skerniewice, Poland and China to guarantee

for its customers a dependable global supply chain and high quality products at the most

competitive price-point.

Contact: Ole Jensen