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Tracks Laser & Electronics Ltd


Popes Manor
Murrell Hill Lane
RG42 4DA

United Kingdom

Telephone: 01344 207 149
Fax: 01344 207148

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LPKF ELECTRONICS RAPID PROTOTYPING SYSTEMS produce working electronic circuits in house directly from CAD data without chemicals using milling/drilling or Lasers.  The range includes SMT Assembly equipment.

Laser direct structuring of three-dimensional Molded Interconnect Devices 3D-MID’s.

LPKF ELECTRONICS PRODUCTION LASER SYSTEMS, for fast, clean burr free Cutting of SMT Stencils, Flex/Rigid Circuits and for Laser processing.

BIGREP LARGE FORMAT 3D PRINTERS affordable Large-scale 3D printing. Volumes from 0.25m³ to over 1m³ for Architects & Engineers.