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Siborg Systems Inc. is Engineering and Scientific Hardware and Software company based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The company was created in 1994 and has since grown their product line to include both hardware including Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader electronic multimeters, and software, such as MicroTec. 

In 2003 Siborg initiated Smart Tweezers project for commercialization of a new type of multimeters aiming Surface Mount Technology. Currently Smart Tweezers is a leading brand in the electronic community. Ever thriving to develop better and more accurate tools, Siborg has since created the LCR-Reader line of multimeters which offers record high accuracy and functionality.

smart tweezers

Siborg’s first foray into digital multimeters was Smart Tweezers; this device offered a revolutionary way to test surface mount components. When a component is placed between the gold-plated probes, the multimeter automatically determines the type of component and best test parameters and displays the results on the embedded display. The compact design was a sleek alternative to bulky bench-type testers and it had quickly become an industry standard for electronic companies. 

In 2013, the Digital Multimeter LCR-Reader debuted; this model was designed as a budget alternative to Smart Tweezers. It offers a 0.5% basic accuracy and basic features. 

Since then, Siborg has created the Digital Multimeter LCR-Reader-MP or Multipurpose model that was more aligned with the original Smart Tweezers; but had more features and a higher basic accuracy of 0.1%. The newest model, the Digital Multimeter LCR-Reader-MPA, also offers a a Bluetooth option. The Bluetooth feature allows users to remotely record measurements in real time.

Besides Siborg offers various software tools since its inception in 1994 that includes MicroTec, a popular two-dimensional semiconductor process and device simulator; OrChem, an educational software for chemistry students and SibLin: a linear solver for Poisson/Heat Transfer equation. Siborg’s products were used by hundreds of companies and universities worldwide, including Hitachi, Texas Instruments, General Electric, Integrated Device Technology, University of California at Berkeley and Waseda University in Tokyo, University of Waterloo, etc.