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Radiometrix Ltd


Hartcran House
231 Kenton Lane

United Kingdom

Telephone: (0)20 8909 9595

Radiometrix-LogoRadiometrix is a leading UK designer and manufacturer of UHF & VHF high integrity, wireless telemetry and telecommand products for performance critical applications, with over 25 years specialising in RF products. Available on major ISM band and custom frequencies, our vast portfolio of radio modules & RF modems are ideal for demanding wireless applications requiring the best of reliability.


Radiometrix provides world-class wireless solutions for a wide range of UK & international customers including solutions for industrial, healthcare and defence projects. Our products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 standards. We follow strict QA procedures to deliver industry-leading quality. In addition to customisation of our off-the-shelf RF solutions, Radiometrix provide bespoke RF design services. Our team is available to assist customers with prototype design, Type approvals and provide technical support for all aspects of development.


Optimised for low power consumption and maximum range using efficient proprietary protocols, our portfolio of modules is available in a variety of sizes, frequencies, power outputs, data rates and intelligent features. Standard modules can be easily customised to meet customer specific requirements. Kits are available for rapid evaluations of modules & range testing.