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Optilia Instruments


Djupdalsvägen 22
S-192 51


Telephone: +46 (0)8-35 33 60

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Link Hamson are committed to offering world class production solutions to the PCB assembly and electronics manufacturing industry. The company’s philosophy is to supply products that improve our customers’ production process, yield and quality, whilst realising significant cost savings and low cost of ownership. By focusing on a key range of critical process equipment we offer high levels of product expertise for our customers and achieve long term supplier relationships.

Our global supplier base provides us with the very best products from world leading equipment manufacturers, incorporating the latest technology from their particular market sector, allowing our customers to benefit from the very latest technologies and process improvements.

Our key suppliers include; Optilia (BGA & HD Inspection), KIC (Automated Reflow Profiling Solutions), KIWO (Electronics Cleaning Materials), Shenmao (Solder Materials), Martin (Rework and Dispensing), STPElectronics (Automated Optical Inspection), ITECO (Production Tools, ESD PCB & Component Storage & Handling, Dry Storage Cabinets, Baking Ovens Vacuum Heat sealers and SMD Component Counters), Weller (Fume Extraction Systems), Treston (Ergonomic Workbenches & Chairs) and our own brand LINK Labels (a wide range of high performance, durable labels for PCB, Component, Product and Cable Marking applications).