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Optical Control GmbH & Co. KG


Im Neuacker 1
91367 Weißenohe


Telephone: +49-9192-9282-0
Fax: +49-9192-9282-30

We offer integrated solutions for non-destructive imaging quality control
In the areas of electronics and mechanics in particular, imaging quality assessment provides industry with significant potential for greater efficiency and optimisation. Optical Control, as part of the elsysko group, is directly entrusted with dealing with the issues and challenges in this field. Customised to cater for your individual testing requirements, we deliver solutions which provide you with the possibilities of image acquisition and evaluation in the industrial sphere. The package we offer covers the full spectrum of services including development, production, maintenance and support.
Our core areas of expertise:
Completeness checking
Component testing (number, condition)
Material testing
Quality assessment
Connection checking
Algorithms for complex image recognition