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Laplace Instruments Ltd


Tudor House
Grammar School Road
North Walsham
NR28 9JH

United Kingdom

Telephone: 01692 402 070
Fax: 01692 404 910

Laplace Instruments is a supplier of EMC test systems. We cover all emissions and immunity test requirements. Our systems are both cost effective and designed for ease of use. They are ideal for manufacturers who wish to test their own products ‘in-house’ thus avoiding the costs and delays associated with  the use of external test labs. In particular, we appreciate the limitations suffered by typical organisations (lack of a ‘proper’ test site, noisy environment, limited budget and limited time!), so we have developed analysers and test cells that address these issues .

  • We are the only supplier that can deliver a system that can automatically calibrate your test site and extract ‘your’ emissions from ambient noise.
  • We have developed a range of test cells that meet the requirements of IEC61000-4-20. These provide a perfect ‘clean’ and calibrated environment for your RF emissions measurements and RF immunity testing.
  • We have created a software user interface that is very easy to use, automatically using default settings for speed of use, whilst allowing you full control of test parameters for investigative tasks.

See our web site at for full details of our range.

 Laplace Instruments