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Goepel Electronics Ltd


Unit 1a
The Old Granary
CB24 2AR

United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1223-85 82 98

GOEPELelectronics_Enjoy Testing_PANTONE 2945U-29588C_RGBGOEPEL electronic is a world-class vendor of electric and optical test and inspection systems for electronic
components and circuitry, PCBs and engine control units.

Founded in 1991, the ISO certified company has currently 230 employees in its headquarters in Jena/Germany.
Additionally, GOEPEL electronic runs several support and service offices in Germany, UK, China, Hong Kong, India and the USA.


More than 300 additional specialists ensure the local and on-site support of GOEPEL electronic’s products and solutions via the worldwide distribution network.

GOEPEL electronic’s business units:

• JTAG/Boundary Scan

• Automated Inspection Systems (AOI/AXI/SPI)

• Automotive Test Solutions

• Customized Functional Test systems

• Industrial Vision Solutions

Contact: Sam Law