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Connect 2 Cleanrooms Ltd


Riverside House
Forge Lane

United Kingdom

Telephone: 01524 812899

Connect 2 Cleanrooms is an award winning industry leader, creating modular cleanroom solutions for critical environments, both in the UK and internationally. The company designs and manufactures panel (monobloc) cleanrooms, plus hard and soft wall cleanrooms in-house and delivers quality cleanroom solutions to meet the ISO 14644-1 standard required. Its consumables division,, supplies a full range of consumables, equipment and furniture to the cleanroom industry worldwide.


Electronic and nanotechnology components can be at risk from static charges and UV exposure.

Our cleanrooms can be constructed using antistatic components that can help ground static electricity, to protect your sensitive products from the damage these charges cause – such as latent failure to product. We can also incorporate UV lighting and specialist wall panels to block certain spectrums of UV light. As humidity and temperature affect static charges and can impact hugely on sensitive equipment, temperature and humidity control may be beneficial.


Connect 2 Cleanrooms is committed to providing engineered or supply solutions for mission critical environments. Not just for issues of today but to reduce risks of occurrence in the future.


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