Digitally compensated pressure transmitter range from TT Electronics provides high performance with multiple configuration options


TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, today announced the market introduction of its versatile TPM Series of high-performance industrial pressure transmitters. Featuring digital compensation to provide accurate, reliable pressure measurements with excellent long-term stability over a temperature range from -20° to +125 °C, the TPM Series is ideal for applications in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and for fuel and lubricant pressure sensing, leak detection, filter testing and tank level sensing. These demanding requirements can be found in many different industries from chemical plants, mining and power generation to plastics manufacturing, water treatment plants and farming.


TPM Series transmitters deliver a 4-20mA output that is proportional to the pressure directly detected by a four-arm, active strain-gauge bridge that is formed from highly stable resistors fused to a high purity ceramic pressure-sensing element. Internally, the electronic elements comprise a primary signal processing module that utilises an ASIC-based high‑speed digital signal processor and a separate board that handles the interface and EMC immunity and emissions requirements. During manufacture the sensor can be individually addressed or treated as part of a batch depending on customer performance and calibration requirements. All elements of the TPM combine to ensure a ±0.1% span non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability specification (BFSL) over the full operating temperature range together with excellent long-term stability (±0.1% span / 12 months typical).


Featuring a stainless steel housing, the rugged construction of the TPM Series transmitters is complemented by a choice of pressure ports and electrical connections. The family supports options for gauge, sealed gauge, absolute and compound pressure types and offers 18 pressure ranges from 0-100 mbar to 0-600 bar. Further options allow for different pressure connection materials and seal types, which include EPDM for potable water applications. Bespoke calibration is also available.


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