Design and Development Centre in Munich Offers Customised Solutions

Under the overall term “Design & Manufacturing Services” (DMS), Advantech operates a European competence and development centre in Germering near Munich, offering customer-specific solutions for many industries and markets. With the world’s broadest technology and product portfolio in the embedded IoT industry as a starting point, local expertise enables customised embedded computing solutions to be developed efficiently and close to the customer. “Our customers benefit from shorter development times, lower risk and lower costs,” says Peter Marek, Senior Director EIoT at Advantech Europe and head of the competence centre. 

As a strategic partner to all well-known processor and SoC vendors, Advantech offers its customers direct access to the latest technologies and developments in the semiconductor industry through so-called early access designs. Thanks to Advantech’s continuous investment in standard products of various types at board and system level, the basic know-how is already available and can be safely used in customer-specific projects. “Advantech’s technology base has long since gone far beyond processor modules,” continues Marek, “and so we can advise our customers not only on the selection of the right silicon platform, but also on system architecture and design. In this respect, proximity to the customer is very important to us.” 

Advantech’s European development centre implements custom designs in the areas of hardware, BIOS and firmware together with more than 20 programme managers and project leaders in Europe: “Same time zone, same language, same culture”. Software programming for Windows, Linux and Android operating systems is carried out there as well as system design developments in the areas of construction, thermal management, signal integrity, validation and certification. “We are very proud of the fact that we can develop far more than just hardware locally. With in-depth software know-how and mechanical/ thermal co-design, we make a significant contribution to ensuring our customers bring products to market faster, with less risk, whilst exactly meeting market requirements,” says Dirk Finstel, Associate Vice-President and CTO EIoT Europe at Advantech B.V.

Product quality always plays a key role in Advantech’s closed quality assurance mechanism. As early as the development phase, design quality is constantly monitored and refined by a specialised Design Quality Assurance department. In the functional teams, production efficiency and quality are constantly improved by product optimisation and traceability. A sophisticated industrial lifecycle management for long-term available products and solutions completes the process. All facilities are at least ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, while others have additional OHSAS18001, TL9000, ISO13485, and ISO17025 certifications for certain vertical applications. 

Advantech’s vertical solutions address different industries. In addition to the development of customer-specific embedded computing solutions, e.g. for medical or industrial storage solutions, Advantech’s design & manufacturing services are among others also offered for the integration of new key technologies in the area of AI and AIoT. Further information is available at