Dengrove Boosts Support for Energy-Efficient Design with New DC/DC Converters Optimised for SiC Power Applications

den039_hiDengrove Electronic Components has introduced the latest DC/DC converters from RECOM, which have the features needed to power silicon-carbide (SiC) MOSFET drivers in efficiency-focused applications like electric vehicles (EVs), renewable-energy conversion, and high-power industrial drives.


The RKZ-xx2005D and RxxP22005D series incorporate superior isolation, providing up to 4kVDC or 5.2kVDC respectively to ensure long-term safety in the presence of high potential differences between control and power circuitry in SiC-MOSFET applications.


By providing asymmetrical +20V/-5V outputs, these converters enable the gate driver to apply optimal turn-on and turn-off voltages (VGS). Unlike conventional silicon power transistors, SiC MOSFETs require high VGS for full turn-on, and negative VGS for fast turn-off, to minimise RDS(ON) and switching losses for best overall energy efficiency.


As unregulated 2-Watt converters, the RKZ-xx2005D and RxxP22005D feature power-sharing outputs that can be used with equal-power (asymmetrical current) or equal-current (asymmetrical power) loads.


The RKZ-xx2005D and RxxP22005D series operate at up to 85% efficiency, and are available with input voltages of 5V, 12V, 15V or 24V. They benefit from a wide operating temperature range from -40°C to +100°C (with derating), UL60950 and IEC/EN60950 certification, and RoHS2 and REACH compliance. All units come with RECOM’s 3-year manufacturer’s warranty for extra peace of mind.


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