Data I/O Simplifies IoT Security with the Release of Next Generation SentriX® Security Deployment as-a-Service and SentriX Product Creator™ Software Tool Suite

electronics industry newsData I/O Corporation (NASDAQ: DAIO), the leading global provider of advanced security and data deployment solutions for microcontrollers, security ICs and memory devices announces the release of its next generation SentriX® security deployment service and the SentriX Product CreatorTM tool suite. The next generation SentriX service simplifies end-to-end the provisioning and deployment of robust IoT and automotive security and enables an outsourced as-a-Service business model. SentriX Product Creator is a powerful software suite that enables OEMs to securely, quickly and easily define the security deployment for their products and to securely deliver their product security definitions and secrets to SentriX-enabled production facilities remotely. 

The new SentriX Product Creator tool supports two deployment models in cooperation with leading embedded silicon vendors: SentriX GOTM and SentriX Custom. SentriX GO streamlines IoT security deployment and provisioning using pre-configured use cases and a simplified developer experience. SentriX GO supports the most common use cases for creating and managing device identities, secure boot, cloud onboarding, device authentication and others. SentriX Custom supports fully custom provisioning definitions. Both models enable product security definition collaboration between OEM, silicon vendors and programming partners to easily define, provision and deploy robust IoT device security using Data I/O’s SentriX security deployment platform.  

“OEMs of all sizes need a simple, cost-effective and integrated method to deploy IoT security,” said Michael Tidwell, vice president of marketing and business development of Data I/O Corporation. “SentriX Product Creator reduces the complexity inherent in defining security for mass production by an order of magnitude. OEMs can now deploy even the most robust hardware-based security in a variety of security ICs and microcontrollers at production scale with a single easy-to-use tool and use an outsourced service business model to do so. That means they can achieve the highest level of IP protection and supply chain integrity but avoid costly capital equipment, specialized software development, physical security and ongoing maintenance.”

The next generation SentriX has been deployed to multiple customer sites and is being used on multiple OEM device deployments. Additionally, the SentriX ecosystem offers the largest collection of silicon vendor partners for software definable hardware-based security deployment. SentriX is offered as a service and is available to component distributors, programming centers and OEMs with low minimum order quantities and scales to very high volume for a cost-effective solution. The next generation SentriX architecture also enables existing Data I/O PSV systems deployed worldwide to be easily upgraded with SentriX capability.  

IoT OEMs and service providers are under increased pressure to protect their IP, meet regulatory requirements and to protect their brands and revenue streams.  The best product design approach for OEMs is to build hardware-based security into their products. The most secure manufacturing process is to deploy security and lock parts prior to board assembly. Until now, designing and manufacturing secure IoT devices has been costly, complex, exposed to security breaches and utilized disparate and custom software tools. Data I/O’s SentriX and the SentriX Product Creator secures the electronics supply chain and simplifies hardware-based security deployment in one integrated set of tools.  The as-a-service model of SentriX lowers upfront cost barriers created by custom software development, integration and maintenance typically required when implementing custom provisioning flows directly on a manufacturing line.

About SentriX Security Deployment as-a-Service 

SentriX secures the global electronics supply chain and protects IoT device intellectual property from point of inception to deployment in the field. Data I/O’s SentriX security deployment platform provisions security objects and secrets into semiconductor devices for low volume prototyping applications and high-volume production. SentriX integrates a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant HSM into an automated programming system which enables secure provisioning of credentials into security ICs and microcontrollers in high-volume.

SentriX Product Creator is the software tool suite used by OEMs, silicon vendors and programming facilities to define and collaborate on security features provisioned on SentriX. The SentriX Product Creator tool offers OEMs two flexible security deployment models:  fully customizable and SentriX GO™ pre-configured security profiles saving time, effort and avoiding potential pitfalls during security deployment definition. The profile definitions completed using the SentriX Product Creator tool are secure at rest and transferred for device provisioning on the SentriX security deployment platform at a secure programming location. OEMs of any size can now securely provision devices from early samples all the way to high volume production prior to shipping chips to a manufacturing line using a cost effective as-a-service model. The SentriX Product Creator is available today.

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