Danutek Appointed as a Distributor to Bring Solderking to the European Market

Following a successful partnership with Altus Group in the UK and Ireland, Solderking, a leading manufacturer of solders and chemical consumables, will work with Danutek to bring its product range to a wider European customer base.

Danutek, Altus’ sister company, has partnered with Solderking and will offer sales and after-sales support in several European countries including, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia.

As the first Solderking distributor outside of the UK and Ireland, Danutek is delighted to bring the company’s innovative range of soldering assembly materials to electronic manufacturers in Eastern Europe.

Petar Truhchev, Sales and Support Manager of Danutek Bulgaria, said: “We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Solderking that underscores the value of our business network and experience within the electronics sector.“

With a reputation for manufacturing class-leading soldering consumables that stand up to strict regulatory standards like REACH and  RoHS, the Solderking product range will be a welcome addition to Danutek’s already impressive portfolio of products from some of the world’s most innovative suppliers.

Petar added: “We are always looking for the best products and offerings to bring to our partners. With Solderking we have another great provider to introduce to the Danutek territories and, we look forward to supporting their innovative products in a new region.

“More than just the top-quality products, director, Chris Ward and his team at Solderking have shown how agile and valuable their support can be for customers when selecting a pivotal consumable to optimise production. Their service quality is a breath of fresh air to the production consumables market.”

Chris Ward said: “For the last few years, we have been focused on growing our brand regionally. We have had a brilliant reception to our offering in the UK and Ireland with unprecedented growth. I believe this is because of our principles of top technical performance, product freshness, flexibility and unrivalled customer care.

“By partnering with Danutek, who are one of the very best at what they do, our vision is to bring our products to new customers across Europe and take another step in Solderking’s successful business journey.”

To find out more about Solderking’s products go to www.danutek.com