Cynergy chosen as vendor for GP Elektronik

Cynergy is immensely proud to have been chosen as vendor of a new combined High Mix /High speed placement line to meet GP Elektronik’s customers’ demands for capacity and flexibility in the same package. GP Electronik are a long established EMS in Odense, Denmark, with a long tradition and reputation for quality and ability to always meet customer requirements with high value and rapid turnaround.

The new HM520 platform from Hanwha and their ability to respond effectively and implement product and software adaptations to match GP’s exact requirements was a major factor in the decision to invest in Hanwha equipment.  The line, consisting of initially four dual lane modules with simultaneous mixed production on front/rear lane capability and with a top speed of 332.000 CPH was installed and ran the first boards just less than four weeks from order.  Cynergy’s concept for providing capital equipment of this caliber in the Scandinavian and Baltic regions, is to network our own resources with others in neighboring countries as well as Hanwha’s own engineering center in Frankfurt to provide a level of knowledge and redundancy in support comparable with the largest of OEM’s

Hanwha is still a relatively unknown brand in this region within electronics manufacturing, but behind the brand is a corporation with nearly 5000 employees and a group revenue of nearly USD50Billion. Their electronics manufacturing division has a very strong presence in east Asia, North America and other regions with a very wide installed base providing a fast track of debugging of new innovations, so stability, functionality, integrations, and intuitive usage compete well with the best in the business while providing a level of sustainability in everything from footprint, energy usage, operator utilization and scalability.

The 5th machine to be delivered Ultimo October 2023 is the HM520-W and a wide format matrix tray changer which will enable GP to place the largest of components up to 150mm with a force of up to 100N making it ideal for oddform but retaining speed with its capability to place up to eight 14mm components simultaneously. This and too many other innovations to mention here make this machine a game changer within versatility without creating a capacity bottleneck. This machine can be seen in action at this year’s Productronica in München. Hanwha booth A3. 135

Anders Bo Pedersen, CEO GP Elektronik commented:

“GP Elektronik has over recent years experienced a surge in customers volume production needs, – presenting a continued demand for high flexibility in a challenging physical production space, while retaining extremely high productivity.

Our need for volume overhead has grown exponentially and become more evident during the last few years, making it necessary to think outside the box and make drastic improvements to achieve production throughput within a challenging space constraint. The Hanwha HM520 platform suits this need – perhaps to an extreme extent – without sacrificing our need for rapid changeovers and multiple jobs on the line through the same day. Hanwha has shown their willingness to improve and adapt both hardware and software to match our Scandinavian production methods and thereby ensure a high flexibility and high operator utilization.”