Contactless Level Sensors for Continuous Measurements

The new level sensors from EBE sensors + motion allow for the contactless measurement of a great variety of media. Based on an intelligent modular system, the sensor can be adapted to the requirements of the application.

The capacitive level sensors from EBE sensors + motion use a contactless sensor technology to continuously measure filling levels of liquids as well as granular or powdery media. The level sensors can be attached outside of tanks or other containers and are capable of measuring through almost any non- metallic material. The standard measuring range is up to 100 mm and can be extended as needed on request. Nevertheless, the sensor is very compact and also suitable for small installation spaces.

Reliable Measurement and Easy Setup

The user can easily calibrate the sensor system to set the measurement of the required filling levels, media and applications. This makes it highly flexible for a great variety of applications. Even so, thanks to the capacitive technology of EBE the level sensors convince by great precision and reliability. This technology is capable of compensating disturbances in the immediate surroundings, e.g. if the tank is being touched. With a measuring range of 10 cm the precision typically amounts to <1 mm. The level sensors from EBE sensors + motion provide by default a digital interface that can be adapted to the specific customer requirements. Within the framework of an intelligent modular system, further parameters can also be adapted to individual applications.

For Use in Sensitive Industries

The non-invasive design that does without direct contact between the sensor and the medium avoids the frequent challenges with regard to media compatibility and sterility. For this reason, EBE level sensors are particularly suitable for measuring tasks in medical engineering, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in biotechnology, and in the food industry.