Concept Engineering Adds JavaScript-based Web Capabilities to Nlview

NlviewJS enables automatic schematic generation, schematic viewing and automated system assembly to run on web browsers


Concept Engineering, specialists in visualization and debugging technology for electronic circuits and systems, introduces the newest addition to the Nlview™ automatic schematic generation family of products. NlviewJS™ is a schematic engine that brings automatic schematic generation, schematic viewing and automated system assembly to the web. The new visualization engine is based on JavaScript and HTML5 standards and enables interactive tools for design debugging, design visualization and automated design creation that seamlessly run within standard web browsers on mobile devices or on desktop systems.

Concept Engineering’s Nlview engine provides automatic generation of schematic diagrams for different levels of electronic circuits, including gate level, RTL level and block level. Optional engines are available for the system level (S-engine) and for the transistor level (T-engine). The new NlviewJS brings design engineers or service engineers the convenience of using web browsers to remotely access design data, intellectual property (IP) library components or system diagrams without having to install complex software on their computer or mobile device.  Web-based design and debugging tools allow multiple users to have accurate access to up-to-date, live system data and offer interactive communication with connected data servers.

NlviewJS gives designers the ability to use company- and application-specific Intranet tools, without any need to install complex software. Simply pointing the browser to the correct URL will provide access to design and critical, up-to-date system “health” information from any location. Visualization features and debugging capabilities are customizable, allowing company-specific design and service platforms.

“Many of our customers in the electronic design automation, automotive and industrial markets have been asking for web-based capabilities,” said Gerhard Angst, CEO and president of Concept Engineering. “Flexible and quick access to centralized design data and visualization of live system status are challenges within larger organizations or for service engineers that work remotely. NlviewJS will help them overcome those challenges.”

NlviewJS is available now.