Computrol takes its soldering capabilities to the next level

Computrol, Inc., a world-class provider of mid- to low-volume, high-mix electronic manufacturing services to OEMs, is pleased to announce that it has purchased and installed a Thermaltronics TMT-R9800S Solder Robot at its Meridian facility. 

The sale was liaised by Computrol’s manufacturers’ representative in the Pacific Northwest, Mike Gunderson, President of MaRC Technologies. Gunderson commented about the sale: “We appreciate Computrol’s decision to partner with MaRC Technologies and Thermaltronics for their robotic soldering needs. As always, we’ve enjoyed working with them on the evaluation and implementation process. Their professionalism is always top notch.”

 Farid Anani, VP of Operations at Computrol, stated: “Excellent quality and throughput are achieved by having a consistent and repeatable process where temperature, dwell time and solder volume are independently controlled for each solder joint. The new solder robot can be operated by virtually anyone, making it very extremely flexible and providing a fast ROI.

The soldering robot has an observation mode, a verification mode and decision-making capabilities. This capability to collect and utilize data for production processing is one of the most important factors necessary to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0 standards.

Thermaltronics Curie Heat Technology (CHT) responds to the thermal demands of each

solder joint by adjusting the power instantaneously, thereby meeting the exact requirements of the substrate component and solder material. For more information, visit 

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Computrol continues to build on its core services and capabilities by investing in versatile, high-speed manufacturing equipment and technology, as well as continuing training programs for employees. For more information, visit