Cadence Delivers Industry’s First Design and Verification IP for MIPI SoundWire v1.1 High Quality Audio Solutions

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS) today announced that they have delivered the industry’s first Design and Verification IP for MIPI SoundWire v1.1 and demonstrated interoperability of MIPI SoundWire solutions in collaboration with Realtek. SoundWire is a digital audio interface specification that can replace legacy audio interfaces, reducing the cost of supporting high quality audio through reduced pin count, ease of integration, and low gate count. These system design benefits, and scalability of the solution from simple to high-end audio, make the standard attractive to many design applications.

“Cadence has been a leader and active contributor of the MIPI Alliance, and has been developing compliant IP solutions since 2007,” said Joel Huloux, chairman of the board of MIPI Alliance. “By supporting MIPI SoundWire v1.1with demonstrated interoperability, they are providing value by reducing the risk of incorporating MIPI SoundWire for new SoC applications in mobile, IoT, consumer and automotive markets.”

Originally designed for mobile applications, the MIPI SoundWire specification has expanded to several markets to replace multiple high pin-count interfaces, providing scalability and flexibility, optimized power consumption, and reduced latency. MIPI SoundWire is well suited to a wide range of devices from low-cost, low-bandwidth peripherals to high performance audio codec devices such as personal computers, high-end smartphones, headphones and hearing aids, to name a few. It can be optimized for different applications, as small as

“We often partner with Cadence to test IP interoperability and chose to work with them because they have a strong presence in providing IP for MIPI,” said Yee-Wei Huang, vice president engineering, Realtek. “We achieved interoperability in just a few hours, showing how robust the combined IP solution is. We are very confident in putting forth this solution for our customers.”

“Our customers now must create SoCs that have system flexibility to accommodate a broad range of needs for different markets, and high quality audio is one such area of focus,” said Arif Khan, director of marketing, interface IP, Cadence. “Cadence is a leading provider of proven MIPI cores that are part of a strong portfolio of audio IP solutions, enabling our customers to unleash their creativity and reduce the time to architect, integrate, and verify SoC designs.”


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