BTU International to Highlight Advanced Process Control at SMTA Space Coast Expo

BTU International, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment for the electronics manufacturing market, is pleased to announce its participation in the SMTA Space Coast Expo & Tech Forum, scheduled to take place Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2023 at the Melbourne Auditorium in Florida. BTU International will highlight process control features and options including the Profile Tracer oven profiler and the Profile Guardian redundant monitoring system.

“Space Coast customers are serving some of our most demanding end markets,” stated Bob Bouchard, Director of Sales and Marketing at BTU International. “BTU’s suite of advanced process control tools, including Profile Guardian and the new Profile Tracer, supports both the precise thermal control and product traceability often required for DoD and aerospace customers,” added Bouchard.

Profile Tracer, a next-generation thermal profiling tool providing real-time data acquisition for oven optimization by identifying inconsistencies due to temperature variables at both the product level and at the heat source.  This exclusive tool by BTU measures dual temperature locations as well as vibration at real-time product temperature while the product completes its thermal path. Profile Tracer’s predictive capabilities go beyond traditional profilers by using internal sensors and top-of-the-line heat resistant optic windows to measure the thermal profile at the same time, location on the path, and conditions at the product level as well as at the heat source.

Profile Guardian pairs a thermocouple probe at product height with software to monitor temperature deviation from baseline – independent from control TCs. The redundant process monitor is aware of reflow oven state (recipe change, energy savings modes, etc.), and monitor data can be included in host communications (MES) from the oven. Additionally, it provides board level traceability when paired with bar code readers, which is a requirement for many large OEM/EMS customers as well as for Industry 4.0 implementation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the latest thermal processing solutions from BTU International and engage with our team of experts at the SMTA Space Coast Expo & Tech Form. 

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