Boeing launches O3b-mPOWER satellite incorporating Vicor radiation-tolerant power modules

The December 16 launch of Boeing’s O3b mPOWER communication satellite marks a milestone for Vicor Corporation (VICR NASDAQ), whose high-performance, radiation-tolerant modules support Boeing’s satellite mission. Boeing’s O3b satellite will help deliver broadband internet access to the “other 3 billion” (O3b) people around the globe where access is limited or nonexistent.

Drawing on an extensive heritage, Vicor power modules are ideally suited for powering advanced communications ASICs and FPGAs that require a very low-noise operating environment enabled by Vicor’s soft-switching, high-frequency ZCS/ZVS power stages. The thermally adept modules in an SM-ChiP package provide superior density and efficiency.  

High density, radiation tolerant power delivery network for NewSpace

 The complete source-to-point-of-load solution comprises four SM-ChiP modules powering advanced ASICs and FPGAs from a 100V bus: the BCM3423, a 100V input, 300W, K=1/3 bus converter; the PRM2919, a 33V input 200W regulator; a VTM2919 150A current multiplier with an output of 0.8V; and a VTM2919 50A current multiplier with an output of 3.3V. 

The modules, which are manufactured in Andover, Mass., (USA) are available in high-density SM-ChiP BGA packages. ChiPs are rated for operation from –40 to 125°C.

Learn more about how Vicor powers satellite applications and contact Vicor for evaluation boards and samples.