BittWare Expands Portfolio with Multiple Industry-First Capabilities on FPGA Acceleration Products New Offerings Address Growing Industry Technology Demands

BittWare, a Molex company, a leading supplier of enterprise-class compute, network and storage productsfeaturing FPGA technology, continues to expand its offerings and solutions to further address the growing need for computing technology. The new BittWare offerings provide high-end, integrated solutions for memory bandwidth and advanced cooling, enabling customers to go to market faster.

“With FPGA-based acceleration achieving wider adoption, it is essential that there is a supplier who can deliver and support higher-quality volume deployments,” said Craig Petrie, vice president of marketing for BittWare. “Traditionally, FPGA card vendors have provided cutting-edge technology primarily to innovators and early adopters; it is quite a different challenge to implement the extensive qualification, validation, life cycle management and support required by the newer enterprise-class customers. BittWare, as a part of Molex, is in the unique position to drive technology advancements while simultaneously delivering enterprise-class product consistently at high run-rates. This powerful combination allows our customers to adopt the latest and greatest FPGAs at the card and server-level with reduced risk and cost.”

Memory Bandwidth

BittWare’s broad range of compute-focused accelerator cards includes HBM2-enabled FPGAs from both Intel and Xilinx yielding up to 4Tbps of bandwidth. These Stratix-10 MX and Virtex UltraScale+ based products are now shipping with a choice of abstracted toolflows, including OpenCL. A new alternative to high-bandwidth memory implementation, on display at SC19, will be BittWare’s new S7t accelerator card developed in conjunction with Achronix Semiconductor Corporation. This is the world’s first product featuring the newly announced Achronix® 7nm Speedster®7t FPGA,  whichoffers a range of breakthrough capabilities including low-cost and highly flexible GDDR6 memories that deliver HBM-class memory bandwidth without the HBM, as well as a revolutionary 2D Network-on-Chip (NoC) for high bandwidth and energy-efficient data movement.

Liquid Cooling

As customers push computing technology to new limits, there is a need to consider more advanced cooling options – even for energy-efficient accelerators such as FPGAs. At Supercomputing 2019, BittWare will present Achronix, Intel and Xilinx based FPGA accelerator cards featuring Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) technology from market leader, CoolIT System. Data center managers are increasingly turning to liquid cooling as the most reliable and efficient cooling method. In comparison to air, liquid cooling is 2-10 times more effective in transporting heat away from a source to a secondary cooling surface.

TeraBox™ FPGA Integrated Servers

BittWare’s range of certified TeraBox™ server platforms, targeting networking and HPC clusters feature the latest FPGA accelerators enabling customers to develop and deploy quicker, while reducing risk and total cost. This innovative product range will be further extended with the introduction of the TeraBox 1400DN. This ultra-high density 1U server based on the DELL C4140 PowerEdge server features four double-width PCIe cards with front-panel access and dual Xeon Scalable CPUs. Customers can order the server with a choice of Achronix, Intel or Xilinx FPGA accelerators supporting a high density of network ports: four 400GbE, up to 128 10/25GbE or up to 32 100GbE.

Computational Storage Processor

BittWare, in conjunction with Eideticom, will be displaying the world’s first FPGA-based Computational Storage Processor (CSP). This solution, based on the BittWare 250-U2 accelerator, adheres to the industry standard U.2 form factor allowing it to be front-servicable in standard rackmount chassis. When programmed with Eideticom’s NoLoad® IP, each Computational Storage Service executed on the 250-U2 is presented to the host operating system as a regular NVMe Controller and binds to the standard NVMe driver. This avoids the need for customers to develop or use proprietary drivers or software stacks. Instead, customers can continue using their preferred Linux, Windows or VMWare operating systems and host-based applications.

Come speak with industry experts at SC19, where Molex will be showcasing multiple data center technology solutions in Denver, CO from November 18-21. Show attendees are invited to booth 1707 to see FPGA accelerators based on Achronix, Intel and Xilinx FPGAs in action.

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