Best Papers from SMTA International Announced

The SMTA is pleased to announce the Best Papers from SMTA International 2022.  The winners were selected by members of the conference technical committee. For these exceptional achievements, a plaque is given to primary authors of all winning papers.

The following four papers were selected for the “Best of Proceedings” award:

Andrew Mawer, NXP Semiconductors, for the paper “Assembly and Reliability of a Novel High Density Dual Row MaxQFP.” Co-authors include Mollie Benson, X.S. Pang, Stephen Lee, J.Z. Yao, Alvin Youngblood, NXP Semiconductors.

Keith Sweatman, Nihon Superior Co., Ltd., for the paper “Effect of Strain Rate on the Ductility of Bismuth-Containing Solders.” Co-authors include Tetsuro Nishimura, Nihon Superior Co., Ltd.; Stuart McDonald, Xiaozhou Ye, Qichao Hao, Beatrice Negura, Xin Fu Tan, Kazuhiro Nogita, The University of Queensland.

Richard Coyle, Ph.D., Nokia Bell Labs, for the paper “Thermal Fatigue of QFN and Chip Resistor Solder Joints Assembled with SnPb, SAC305, and SnBi Solders.” Co-authors include Faramarz Hadian, Eric Cotts, Binghamton University; Xinzhi Feng, Martin Anselm, Ph.D., Rochester Institute of Technology; Richard Popowich, Nokia; Lenora Clark, ESI Automotive.

Tim Pearson, Collins Aerospace, for the paper “Thermal Fatigue Reliability of a 1206 Chip Resistor with High-Performance Pb-Free Solder Alloys.” The work was a joint effort by a large group of co-authors as part of the iNEMI Alternative Alloys Program and the High Density Package (HDP) User Group.

The following five papers received honorable mention:

Aileen Allen, HP Inc., for the paper “A Review of the Impact of Dopants in Sn-Bi Solder Alloys.” Co-authors include Helen Holder, Elizabeth Benedetto, HP Inc.

Jean-Paul Clech, EPSI Inc., for the paper “Predicting the Saturation of Solder Joint Cycles to Failure with Thermal Cycling Dwell Times.”

Richard Coyle, Ph.D., Nokia Bell Labs, for the paper “Improved Thermal Fatigue Reliability of SAC305 due to Mixed Metallurgy Assembly with a High-Performance Bi-Bearing Solder Paste.” The work was a joint effort by a large group of co-authors as part of an HDP (High Density Package) User Group Project.

Tae-Kyu Lee, Ph.D., Cisco Systems, for the paper “Low Melting Temperature Solder Interconnect Thermal Cycling Performance Enhancement using Elemental Tuning.” Co-authors include Kendra Young, Portland State University; Nilesh Badwe, Raiyo Aspandiar, Satyajit Walwadkar, Intel Corporation; Young-Woo Lee, Hui-Joong Kim, Junk-Tak Moon, MK Electron Co., Ltd.

Kevin Byrd, Intel Corporation, for the paper “Functional System Observations of Tin-Bismuth Low Temperature Solder Electromigration Behavior.” Co-authors include Brian Franco, Intel Corporation.

The authors will receive their awards during a ceremony at SMTA International 2023.  The SMTA International Conference and Exhibition (SMTAI) 2023 will be held October 9-12, 2023 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN, USA. Details on participating in the 2023 SMTA International Conference are posted on the event website:

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