Award Winning A.I. Technology is a Popular Option for Smart Facilities

As a leading distributor of capital equipment for the electronics assembly industry in the UK and Ireland, Altus ensures its portfolio is the most advanced, and includes the best solutions for Smart facilities. One of its most recent additions not only meets these criteria, but is also an award winner.

Koh Young KPO Printer technology has recently earned the Global Technology Award for Best Process Control Software, and it is easy to see why. Koh Young’s AI-based automatic printing process optimiser applies machine learning algorithms to real-time print process data and delivers the optimum printing parameters. As a result, KPO Printer allows customers to monitor print quality and optimise parameters in real-time to guarantee the best print quality without any intervention by an operator or process expert.

Joe Booth, Altus Group CEO, said: “Koh Young continues to lead the way in 3D measurement and inspection technology, and the KPO Printer is no exception. So I am not surprised it has been recognised for an industry award as it solves many process challenges.

“Product miniaturisation makes it more difficult for manufacturers to produce electronics components reliably. As the most critical stage in the SMT process, ensuring that printing is correct is crucial, particularly as over 70% of defects occur during this step. Maintaining suitable printer conditions is challenging and requires user expertise, therefore consistency and quality can be compromised.

“The Koh Young KPO can stop the unpredictability and improve the process with its AI engine. Using complex algorithms, it intuitively diagnoses issues, recommends parameters, and improves print quality. For the production of highly complex electronics and where there is no room for error, the award-winning KPO is a game changer. It makes print process optimisation simple and allows manufacturers to improve productivity.”

Encompassing advanced AI technology, KPO is helping companies to implement smart manufacturing practices by digitising their production facility and helping to connect devices, machinery and production systems.