Autonomous line loader with revolutionary 2-in-1 solution from ASYS

Save valuable resources and maximize the efficiency of your production by eliminating manual processes during line loading. Our innovative VEGO line loader AES 03 Speed enables fully autonomous feeding of PCB stacks to the SMD line. Material exchange takes place with an AMR transport robot for both assembled and unassembled PCBs. In addition, the system offers an impressive 2-in-1 solution that guarantees 30% less space requirement in production.

Industry 4.0 has revolutionised the way we manufacture, and our AES 03 Speed machine is at the forefront of this innovation. No more operator needed, no more manual insertion of PCB stacks – let the machine do the work and save valuable resources for more important tasks. At a time when automation is becoming increasingly important, we are setting the new standard by offering the only machine on the market that can independently feed PCB stacks to the SMT line. Thanks to our advanced system, this is done completely autonomously and with process reliability. Using a mobile transport robot (AMR), the magazines with the PCB stacks are automatically fed to the VEGO line loader AES 03 Speed. In this way, you not only conserve your valuable personnel resources, but also relieve your employees of physical labour.

The system reliably separates the printed circuit boards from the stack according to a proven principle. First, the entire stack is pulled out of the magazine into the system with the aid of a practical extractor. The machine then separates the boards from each other laterally and feeds them individually to the downstream system. The machine is automatically setup to the width and thickness of the boards.

A revolutionary approach that guarantees maximum efficiency

Our advanced technology combines two functions in one machine. Not only the separation of the PCBs from the stack succeeds effortlessly, but also the unloading of single PCBs out of the magazine. Thus, you can equip the AES 03 Speed with assembled PCBs as well as with PCB stacks. These can even be transferred to the downstream system in alternation – this application is used, for example in dual track lines. Thus, on one track assembled and on the other track unassembled PCBs can be alternately delivered to the downstream system.

The AES 03 Speed does the job of two systems at once, and you can save yourself an additional investment. Space requirement? Reduced by a whopping 30%!

100% traceability back to the PCB manufacturer

Another remarkable advantage compared to conventional stack loaders is that the AES 03 Speed makes the packaging units of the PCB stacks (also called batches) traceable. The batches from the packaging units are stored separately in the magazine and do not mix with each other. Before a batch is placed in the stacking magazine, a scan of the packaging unit code (batch code) is performed, which is then assigned to a specific magazine slot. When the PCB package is removed from the magazine slot and separated, the batch code is transmited to the downstream laser marking system. At this point, the batch code is “married” to the product code. This makes it possible to trace the assembly back to the PCB manufacturer – a requirement that is particularly important in the automotive industry.

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