ASYS Group shows solutions for fuel cell manufacturing

At Productronica this year, the ASYS Group is again showing itself as a future-oriented company in several aspects. ASYS supplies turnkey solutions for the overall process in the business areas Electronics, Life Science and Energy. In the last-mentioned, besides metallization line for photovoltaic production, solutions for fuel cell production are offered. Crucial in this area are high-throughput solutions for material applications in screen printing. A corresponding scenario will be demonstrated on the XH4 screen printing machine at the trade show.

The printing experts at ASYS subsidiary EKRA specialize in the high-precision printing of different, often very thin and fragile substrates or foils. This experience is incorporated in the printing of fuel cell membranes.

XH4 in detail

The XH4 is issued as a multi-track printer with asynchronous transport. The individual tracks can transport substrates independently and asynchronously, so that loading with a new substrate takes place while the squeegee is still moving. At the same time, the screen is dynamically aligned to the substrate, achieving a continuous printing process with optimum cycle time. Another unique selling point of this machine is its consistent design for reel-to-reel applications. In order to be able to process endless foils quickly and precisely, all movements must be carried out by the upper part. Therefore, the XH4 has a fixed table and the screen positioning as well as the Z-stroke are integrated in the printing unit.

Further ASYS solutions for fuel cell manufacturing

ASYS laser technology is used for the separation process of the fuel cell membranes. The fuel cell stack assembly is implemented with individual automation solutions from the INVENTUS business unit. Control systems to monitor the paste application or the sealing pressure of the bipolar plate complete the portfolio. ASYS offers comprehensive entry-level as well as high-volume concepts for fuel cell production. Assembly concepts can be set up for both low temperature cells and high temperature cells. Solutions will be presented on the basis of different industry examples at Productronica.

Material Logistics as a connecting element

The scenario is expanded with the proven Material Logistics solutions. ASYS connects the entire shopfloor through central warehouse systems, AIVs (autonomous intelligent vehicles) and higher-level software solutions. At Productronica, the first fully autonomous line will be shown in action. AIVs load the line, controlled by the PULSE PRO software suite, an APA (autonomous process assist) supplies the autonomous printer with paste and stencil.

Discover more at Productronica Hall A3 Stand 277