ASYS Group celebrates 30 years anniversary

30 years of asys
SERIO 6000 printer in Hall

The company was founded on 6 April 1992 with the idea of establishing standard systems for handling printed circuit boards in the electronics industry. The success of this idea demonstrates that a trend was anticipated here. However, ASYS does not simply rest on its success. The company’s core competence – handling – will continue to be raised to a new level in the future, and the management is constantly on the lookout for new technological challenges.

Fast-growing and innovative

The unique development from ASYS Automatisierungssysteme GmbH to the ASYS Group began with the courageous and technologically advanced decision of Werner Kreibl (founder) and Klaus Mang (founder) to standardize handling systems for the electronics industry. At that time, all machines for transporting, loading, turning, flipping and buffering printed circuit boards were custom-made. The idea of the two founders was to model all process modules as a standard. The then modern microprocessor technology should make it possible to freely configure the modules without any programming effort. Today, ASYS is the world market leader with its diverse handling portfolio.

fuel cell
Fuel Cell

Over the past 30 years, ASYS has steadily expanded its product portfolio along an electronics production line. First came process machines for marking, which laid the foundation for traceability aspects in manufacturing. The requirement of automotive customers to make PCBs traceable then also drove the first developments in the software area at ASYS. ASYS also included depaneling systems in its portfolio. With the integration of the subsidiary EKRA, the product range was expanded to include systems for solder paste printing. Today, the ASYS Group covers more than 75% of an entire production line with its own products.

Unique product portfolio worldwide

The corporate group offers a globally unique product portfolio from various technology fields such as handling, marking, depaneling, final assembly, testing, printing and dry storage.
Special systems, software solutions and solutions for material logistics complement the standard processes. ASYS develops at various locations. A powerful network connects these and enables the technology transfer of the research and development departments. Thanks to the synergies between the different areas, new solutions and optimized products are created.

Machine Interface SIMPLEX Screen
Machine Interface SIMPLEX Screen

Wide range

ASYS has also outgrown industries. In addition to the electronics industry, ASYS began to realize its first printer lines for the solar industry in 2002. In 2014, a third industrial field opened up for the ASYS Group – the life science industry.

With the constant expansion of the product portfolio over more than 25 years, the production area at the main location in Dornstadt grew from 100 m² to 27,000 m². The company has more than 1300 employees worldwide and is represented by subsidiaries and business activities in more than 40 countries on all five continents.

ASYS Group Management Mang Klaus, Ries Jürgen, Kreibl Werner

30 years celebration with customer and partners

The company plans an internal fair every two years at headquarters in Dornstadt. The so called “ASYS Group Technology Days” take place for the 12th time this year. This year the 30th anniversary will be celebrated at the event. As everyone, ASYS is looking forward to having a live event again inhouse, as due to the pandemic the last Technology Days had to take place virtually as a “Technology Show”.

WNIE will also be live at the event and give some insights from the ASYS Group Technology Days. Save the date now: the ASYS Group Technology Days will take place from 09 – 10 November 2022.

30 years of growth

1992 Company foundation by Werner Kreibl and Klaus Mang
1996 Building extension (Headquarters in Dornstadt to 3.000m²)
1997 Integration: ASYS Process and Cleanroom becomes subsidiary
1998 Foundation ASYS Automation LLC, Atlanta, USA
1999 Foundation ASYS Group Asia, Singapore
2000 Foundation ASYS Group China, Shanghai
2000 Foundation ASYS Group Budapest, Hungary
2002 Foundation ASYS Solar
2005 Integration: EKRA Automatisierungssysteme GmbH becomes subsidiary
2008 Building extension (Headquarters in Dornstadt to 18 840m²)
2009 Integration: Botest Systems GmbH becomes subsidiary
2011 Integration: ASYS TECTON GmbH becomes subsidiary
2012 Building extension Headquarters in Dornstadt to 27 000m²
2014 Business Unit ASYS Life Science
2017 New member of the ASYS Group: Totech Europe BV
2018 New member of the ASYS Group: Motives Software GmbH
2019 Opening of the EKRA building extension
2020 Jürgen Ries becomes part of the executive board
2020 Business Unit ASYS Energy (Solar, Fuel Cell, Battery)

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