Astute Electronics opens new memory division with a global Reseller arrangement with Alliance Memory Inc.

Alliance-pressAstute Electronics, the leading supplier of electronic components and value added services, has announced that it has agreed a Reseller-Supply deal with Alliance Memory Inc, the worldwide fabless manufacturer of legacy memory products. The agreement is one of the first that company has announced for its new memory division, which is headed up by industry veteran, Mick Martin.

Alliance Memory produces ICs that are pin-for- pin drop-in replacements for SRAM and DRAM parts from Micron, Samsung, ISSI, Cypress, Nanya, Hynix and others. Alliance Memory Inc are the premier legacy memory supplier offering high quality products, minimal die shrinks and long term support, and has a product portfolio that includes a full range of 3.3V and 5V asynchronous SRAMs, synchronous SRAMs, low-power SRAMs, ZMD low-power SRAMs, 3.3V synchronous DRAMs (SDR), Mobile Low Power SDRAMs, mobile DDRs, 2.5V single (DDR1), 1.8V double (DDR2), and 1.5V and 1.35V triple rate (DDR3) synchronous DRAMs.

Comments Martin: “Astute Electronics’ new memory division is geared around the needs of our hi-rel customer base, which often requires support lasting multiple decades on key components. Alliance Memory offers many parts from stock and has the shortest lead-times in the industry. It has multiple manufacturing sites to guarantee consistent supply and makes significant investments in wafer die which means minimal or no die shrinks ensuring long-term support and stable pricing. Therefore, we see this deal with as a perfect fit for our customers.”

Alliance Memory collaborated with Micron and has the Rights and License to supply Micron EOL 512M MT48LC32M16A2P/MT48LC64M8A2P SDRAMs and Alliance-marked (M) 512M SDRAMs manufactured by Micron. Alliance has also put together a further deal with Micron covering end-of- life leaded stock.