ASM’s SMT Center of Competence Days offer individual counselling, solutions to boost production efficiency

Technology leader ASM Assembly Systems is expanding the number of events as well as their topics and formats at the SMT Center of Competence (CoC) in Munich. The CoC impresses visitors with a fully operational SMT production line featuring line-adjacent operations, technologies and machines. The ASM team uses these capabilities for workshops as well as process and application consulting services in open and customer-specific events.

Clear goal of these CoC events: participants learn about smart features and functions that boost quality and efficiency of their typical SMT processes and match their specific fields of interest. In their new “Smart SMT Factory Workshops”, ASM’s process experts focus on eight central workflows that virtually every customer has to contend with. The “Process Days – Printing & Stencils” event enables attendees to improve the stability of their printing processes, and starting in March 2018 electronics manufacturers can receive advice and information in webinars and remote workshops featuring modern video and online formats. Additionally, a fixed part of the SMT CoC days are expert hours which allow for individual counselling on challenges that participants are facing at their own production sites. The new CoC brochure, which includes the complete event program and dates, is now available for downloading.

“The response to our SMT Centers of Competence in all major regions of the world has been overwhelming. In Munich alone, more than 2,100 visitors from 945 different electronics manufacturers have attended the various events. In addition to open workshops, we have hosted many custom-tailored workshops to train customers’ teams and optimize specific processes. All events benefit from the close and personal collaboration with members of the SMT Smart Network, our global skills network of reference plants and smart factory champions,” says Bernhard Fritz, who heads the ASM SMT Center of Competence in Munich. “The migration of electronics productions towards the smart factory concept generates a huge demand for information. In response, we are expanding the CoC’s offerings and have developed many new formats and subject areas.

Focus on workflows
The schedule focuses on eight central workflows: four line workflows (planning, virtual production, process optimization, and production) and four factory workflows (material management, preparation, factory monitoring, and factory integration). Attendees learn in the new “Smart SMT Factory Workshops” how to improve and automate these processes in a phased approach.

The “Process Days – Printing & Stencils” teach how to make the printing process more stable – an ever-popular subject in companies that want to achieve long-term achievements in quality. The “Midspeed Days” and events like “Change Is Easy” demonstrate the capabilities of the E by SIPLACE and E by DEK platforms and how electronics manufacturers can manage the transition from other platforms or older equipment to modern ASM solutions with minimal restrictions to their ongoing operations. For the expert hours, which are a fixed component of the CoC events, participants are invited to individually address specific challenges they are facing at their production sites and receive personal counselling on the subject directly at ASM.

Online workshops for those who don’t want to travel
One of the challenges of workflow optimizations is the fact that people from various departments like receiving, setup preparation, planning, production, engineering and management must be included in most cases. This means that off-site events tend to incur high travel costs as well as production and coordination problems, because so many people must attend. Small companies in particular often cannot afford this.

Beginning in March 2018, the CoC will therefore offer webinars and remote workshops at the customer’s site that employ modern video and data transmission technologies. With ASM customers who already use the ASM Remote Smart Factory support solution, the process experts can even change settings on their local lines during the workshop or bring together teams at multiple customer locations in a single workshop.

The new CoC brochure lists everything you need to know about topics and dates at the SMT Center of Competence. To download it, visit Participating in the ASM CoC events is free of charge.

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