ASM Remote Smart Factory Secure remote services for modern electronics production


With its ASM Remote Smart Factory, ASM Assembly Systems is presenting an innovative remote service, support and process optimization infrastructure that complies with the strictest IT security standards. The system employs an ASM Smart Factory Plug & Work Box to integrate SIPLACE placement machines, DEK printing solutions and other ASM tools and systems into a network which, only after a customer’s Service request, is accessible to ASM through a special tunnel to the Customer IT network. This Remote Smart Factory LAN in turn connects with the ASM Internet Service Portal via a specially secured internet link. It allows ASM experts to access the selected attached system, remotely analyze them and take corrective actions. Remote sessions are initiated only at the customer’s request and require confirmation on the part of the ASM expert. For security and transparency reasons, each access is logged in detail, for a defined time period. ASM Remote Smart Factory is the first professional remote service solution for modern electronics plants that meets even the strictest requirements of the IT security officers of electronics manufacturers and their customers.


With its ASM Remote Smart Factory, ASM Assembly Systems demonstrates once again how much its developments are focused on the step-by-step implementation of the Smart #1 SMT Factory. A special networking component – the ASM Remote Smart Factory Plug & Work Device – forms the basis for a remote service LAN (local area network) that operates separately from the plant’s regular networks. In addition to SIPLACE placement machines and DEK printing solutions, other offline tools and systems from ASM can also be accessed, such as the SIPLACE Head Care Station, the SIPLACE Vision Teach Station, the SIPLACE Material Tower and other scheduling, material flow, analysis/verification and service solutions. The system uses the ASM Remote Smart Factory Plug & Work Device and the TLS (transport layer security) protocol to connect with the worldwide ASM Service Portal.  All data traffic between the ASM Service Portal and the LAN on the customer side is encrypted.


To make the system even more secure, each remote session requires a request and 2-factor authentication.

ASM experts gain access only via a clearly defined workflow: The customer must request each remote session via a support ticket. The ASM experts must legitimize themselves for the remote session via 2-factor authentication. Access to specific devices on the Remote LAN can be restricted to selected people. Each access is logged in detail. In addition, chat functions make the communication between ASM experts and the customer’s staff easier.


Other solution benefits: After logging on, the ASM experts can analyze and optimize all machines, systems and tools to which he or she has access. The expert can even install new software. This makes the customer’s job a lot easier, because it allows the experts to optimize even complex processes remotely, because they can look at and coordinate all systems on the Remote LAN.


“Remote options open the door to quick and low-cost support from the equipment supplier. Traditional tools tend to cause a lot of concern among the people in charge of security. With ASM Remote Smart Factory we offer a professional and secure remote solution for the networked electronics production. Fixing errors and identifying potential improvements becomes much easier, because we integrate not only placement machines and printers, but also ASM offline tools and systems. Customers benefit in three ways: they minimize downtime, the work required by their own team, and external service costs,” says Waldemar Christen, Head of global services at ASM Assembly Systems. And he continues: “With ASM Remote Smart Factory our experts can not only to support when help is needed, but work with our customers on implementing general production line improvements.”