AQS, Inc. Installs New SV500 BGA Rework System

AQS, Inc., a state-of-the-art EMS provider located in Silicon Valley, is pleased to announce that it has purchased an SV500 BGA Rework System from Precision PCB Services, Inc. 

 Bruce Lee, VP of Operations, commented: “The SV550 BGA rework station is very easy to operate with minimal clearance for rework. Customers with non-working boards do not need to throw away the entire board due to a defective BGA device. AQS now can replace the BGA devices and have them working again. Save your time and money.”

The SV 550 BGA Rework System features split-vision alignment for removal, placement, and soldering of BGAs, CGAs, CSPs, QFPs, LGAs and other SMDs. The vision system is capable of placing components from 6mm to 60mm on PCBs as large as 26 inches.

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