Ofer Maltiel Joins Rocket EMS

Rocket EMS Inc., a Silicon Valley based full-service EMS supplier, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ofer Maltiel as Strategic Sales Director. An additive technology expert, Maltiel will help Rocket EMS drive innovation for its customers.

Before joining Rocket EMS, Maltiel spent eight years leading the Hardware Engineering team for a successful startup that created the first ever smart, connected underwater navigation systems. This experience creating a new market taught him to challenge the way things have been done before and build new design approaches. He will use these skills to help Rocket EMS bring more innovative products and services to the market.

Maltiel commented: “I am so excited to be joining the leadership team. Rocket’s Voyager system is raising the bar for what manufacturing management technology can do. The system allows Rocket unparalleled flexibility in its manufacturing capabilities while achieving the highest customer satisfaction and quality ratings.”

Rocket EMS strives to provide customers with a cost-effective, production solution by focusing on efficiency, automation and perfect yields. The company utilizes the best equipment possible to eliminate human touch and manual labor.

For more information about Rocket EMS’ services, visit www.rocketems.com.