Change of Staff in Viscom Sales: Thomas Winkel Takes Over From Reinhard Pollak

In the year 2000, a long and fruitful business relationship began: Viscom AG and Repotech GmbH commenced joint sales activities in southern Germany, Switzerland and parts of Austria. After 20 years of this successful working partnership, Repotech founder Reinhard Pollak is now taking his well-earned retirement and handing over the reins to Thomas Winkel.

Reinhard Pollak founded Repotech GmbH at Lake Constance in 1994, offering production facilities for preparing and testing electronic assemblies. Over the years, more than a hundred companies have used Repotech’s services, and still use machines or production lines that were selected and configured with the benefit of the company’s expertise. Repotech GmbH kept to a small and select group of specialists in electronics production equipment, who represented the company in its sales region. This ensured that customers received top quality advice at all times. Reinhard Pollak’s customers ranged from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational corporations. In 2016, Repotech focused exclusively on its partnership with Viscom to guarantee sufficient technical consulting for customer-specific configurable inspection solutions.

“We are looking back on a 20-year-old business relationship. When a business relationship lasts this long, it is based on core values such as trust, openness, reliability and loyalty. We have found all these qualities in this partnership and have gone through many successful years together, along with some more difficult ones. This in itself is extraordinary and our mutual customers have also noticed this. Reinhard Pollak’s honest and customer-focused approach, combined with the high level of technical expertise and many years of experience, has always been highly valued by our customers,” says Torsten Pelzer, general sales manager of Viscom AG, as he looks back.

After Reinhard Pollak retires from active sales, Thomas Winkel will take over the sales activities and customer service. Viscom is very pleased to have found an equally effective and reliable successor in Thomas Winkel, and to be able to continue this customer service tradition at the same superior level. Thomas Winkel looks back on more than 20 years of professional experience in image processing, having advised customers from the automotive supply industry worldwide. “My goal is to provide our customers and other stakeholders with the same level of intensive and solution-focused advice and support as they have become used to from Reinhard Pollak,” says Winkel. Viscom AG wishes Reinhard Pollak all the best for his well-deserved retirement and would like to thank him for his many years of success and loyalty. Viscom also welcomes Thomas Winkel and wishes him well in his new duties.