Anders adds AMOLED to display portfolio

z0710and-andersdx-amoled-active-matrix-oledAndersDX today announced the addition of AMOLED (Active Matrix OLED) to the range of display technologies it supports, following an investment by long standing partner Truly Semiconductors in a new 4.5G production line.


According to Paul Hooper, Display Group Manager at andersDX, “AMOLED is the display technology of choice for those who really want a user interface that sets their product apart. There is definitely a fashion driven element to the display industry, and AMOLED is the cool technology at the moment. It is widely used in fashionable consumer electronics – we will offer it to the automotive, industrial, medical and wearable markets. We are starting discussions with customers on projects now. The line is expected to come on-stream fully in 2017.”


andersDX has been the Truly distributor in the UK and Ireland for five years. Truly Group has an outstanding track record in display technology, with 14 years’ experience in PMOLED and 8 years’ experience in TFT.

The AMOLED production on the 4.5G line is based on a Low Temperature Poly-silicon (LTPS) backplane with a pixel density up to 500 PPI; for TFT production the line will be based on an amorphous-silicon backplane with a pixel density up to 300 PPI.


Paul Hooper continued, “We expect to see AMOLED products up to 6″ initially, increasing to 10.1″and TFT’s up to 10.4” diagonal– larger than Truly was able to offer previously. These will be on an amorphous-silicon backplane with a pixel density up to 300 PPI.”

Anders will be exhibiting the technology at the upcoming Embedded Design Show (Coventry, 9-10 October, Stand G30) and has started discussions with customers on projects.


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