Anda’s LD-460W Magazine PCB Loader for Total Process Line Solution

Anda Technologies USA, Inc., a leading provider of fluid application and custom design manufacturing equipment, announces that its Board Handling Conveyors are ideal for a range of PCB handling applications and can optimize Work-In-Progress (WIP) material flow during assembly, coating, dispensing and other processes.

The LD-460W Magazine Automatic Loader features include:
• Automatic full magazine loading and empty magazine offload
• Selectable pitch settings of 10, 20, 30 and 40 mm
• LCD touch screen control panel
• SMEMA compatible
• 3-color light tower and audible alarm
• Magazine size of 535 x 530 x 570 mm
• Power Supply of 120 VAC, 208-230 VAC/50-60 Hz
• Air pressure supply of 5 kgf/cm (70 psi)

Anda offers precision coating, high-speed dispensing, plasma cleaning, high-precision laminating and customized dispensing solutions. The company serves the PCBA, 3D glass, camera module, CCM, fingerprint module and semiconductor industries.

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