Anda’s Entry-Level SP-1 Plasma Cleaning Machine Is Available for a Range of Applications

SCSAnda Technologies USA, Inc., a leading provider of fluid application and custom design manufacturing equipment, features a line of precision high-performance fluid dispensing and underfill systems. The entry-level SP-1 plasma cleaning machine from Anda is applicable for mobile phone, computer, digital printing and packaging, plastic, glass, automotive, electronic, medical, and surface activation treatment.

The SP-1 plasma cleaning machine provides several benefits, including:
• Plasma activation: Material surfaces are molecularly improved for better adhesion prior to coating, improving surface bonding reliability and durability
• Cleaning: Removes contaminants such as dirt, oil, and other impurities
• Coating: Nano-coating of surfaces with virtually any material capable of being sprayed
• Touch screen computer control, fault and light alarm, and menu display
• Stepper motor + synchronous belt drive
• Rotary type gun or lace tip
• Online rail transport system that connects the front and rear equipment
• Online programming

Anda offers precision coating, high-speed dispensing, plasma cleaning, high-precision laminating and customized dispensing solutions. The company serves the PCBA, 3D glass, camera module, CCM, fingerprint module and semiconductor industries.

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