Anda to Bring a Lineup of Plasma Treatment, Fluid Dispensing and Conformal Coating Systems to SMTA Guadalajara

Anda Technologies, a leading provider of fluid application and custom automated manufacturing equipment, today announced plans to exhibit at the SMTA Guadalajara Expo & Tech Forum, scheduled to take place Sept. 21-22, 2022, at the Expo Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico. The company will showcase its leading iCoat Conformal Coating Systems. Additionally, it will demonstrate the AP-3DP Inline Selective Atmospheric Plasma Treatment System and AD-16 and iJet-7 High-Speed Precision Fluid Dispensing equipment.

Anda manufactures and supplies top tier high-speed selective conformal coating machines for automating the conformal coating operations of PCBAs. The company will showcase the iCoat-3, designed to strike a balance between cost and performance; iCoat-5 for high mix, low volume; iCoat-6 thin-film coating system and; iCoat-3P robotic meter-mix machine for potting applications.

The AP-3DP utilizes dual plasma nozzles top and bottom (single nozzle above and single nozzle below substrate). This allows for two nozzles working simultaneously while performing their own independent plasma treatment motion path or program. 

The Anda AD-16 Series is an automated high-speed precision fluid dispensing system with a repeatability accuracy of 0.01mm (10 µm). It can dispense up to 15,000 dots per minute with dot size less than 1 nanoliter. These characteristics makes the AD-16 the ideal dispensing equipment for underfill applications.

Anda’s iCoat-6 is an XYZ gantry system designed specifically for thin-film coating applications. This specialized coating system produces exceptional edge definition results without the overspray associated with atomized spray valves. Automatic recirculating closed loop fluid heating provides stable fluid pressure and constant temperature control to always ensure set fluid viscosity for maintaining the coating process.

To learn more, meet with Anda’s team at SMTA Guadalajara, booth 620, or visit