Analog Devices Launches Quadband VCOs Offering Wideband Capabilities without Compromising Phase Noise Performance for Microwave Applications

Analog Devices, Inc. has announced a series of quadband voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) that offer wideband capabilities without compromising phase noise performance. When used in today’s RF and microwave environments, the new quadband VCOs offer a wider RF response and more frequency flexibility than narrowband VCOs. They also provide lower phase noise than traditional single-band wideband VCOs, while continuing to provide low current consumption. These features enable faster time to market for the end applications.

The quadband VCO series offers ultra-wideband capabilities with fundamental frequencies ranging from 8.3GHz to 26.6GHz. In addition to providing low phase noise, the VCOs do not generate sub-harmonic frequency tones. This combination of wideband capability and low phase noise is essential in many of today’s high-end instrumentation and aerospace and defence applications.  

Quadband VCO Features and Benefits

  • Integrate fundamental oscillators, resulting in no sub-harmonic tones being generated by any multiplication effects in the device
  • Short switching time between VCO bands without voltage overshoot
  • Low supply current consumption (as low as 60mA Typ) 
  • Lower tuning voltage than traditional single-band Wideband VCOs, and narrower sensitivity versus frequency, reducing the complexity of the loop filter design
  • Encapsulated in a small 40-lead 6x6mm LFCSP SMT package. 

Pricing and Availability

Product Availability Price Each per 1,000 Units Packaging
HMC8074 Now $85.87 40-Ld 6x6mm QFN package
HMC8362 Now $99.27 40-Ld 6x6mm QFN package
HMC8364 Now $157.93 40-Ld 6x6mm QFN package