Analog Devices Announces Alias-Free ADC that Enables Increased Functionality, Performance and Ease of Use

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has introduced the AD7134 alias-free analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) that significantly simplifies front-end design and speeds up time to market for precision DC-350kHz applications.  Traditional precision data-acquisition signal chain design is a time-consuming activity as designers balance anti-alias filter requirements, passive component tolerances, phase and gain errors, as well as high-speed ADC drive requirements. The AD7134 introduces a new architecture for precision ADCs that fundamentally changes the design process. The new device removes the need for anti-alias filter, and its resistive input significantly simplifies ADC drive.

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The AD7134 is a quad-channel, 24-bit precision ADC with output data rate scalable from 10SPS to 1.5MSPS.  Inherent anti-aliasing up to 102 dB eliminates the need for an external anti-alias filter, thus requiring 60 fewer passive components and five fewer active components. It also saves 70% board area, relative to a typical alternative implementation.  Asynchronous sample-rate converter, simplifies multi-device synchronization, enables user to achieve coherent sampling system with ease, and simplifies isolation requirements.

AD7134 Key Features:

  • Alias-Free: inherent antialias rejection up to 102.5dB, typical
  • THD: -120dB typical (ideal for AC, vibration or acoustic measurements)
  • 108dB Dynamic Range (at ODR = 374kSPS)
  • Multiple Linear Phase Digital Filter Options (SINC6 for low latency, FIR for passband flatness)
  • Offset error drift: 0.7uV/∞C typical
  • Gain drift: 2ppm/∞C typical

Pricing and Availability 

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Price Each Per 1,000 Packaging
AD7134 NOW $17.85 56-Lead LFCSP (8mm x 8mm)

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