Amit Lampert is new Regional Sales Manager at Yamaichi Electronics

Amit Lampert has been managing the newly established sales office in Israel since April of this year and is available to customers and interested parties of Yamaichi Electronics as a direct local contact. Yamaichi Electronics Germany now also distributes its product portfolio itself in the Middle East. In addition to the sales headquarters in Aschheim-Dornach near Munich, there are already sales offices in Great Britain and Italy. 

Yamaichi Electronics continues to expand its sales regions and has been supplying its customers and interested parties in Israel and the Middle East on site since this year. The newly established sales office is located in Palmachim, south of Tel Aviv. 

The contact person in Israel is Amit Lampert. He has more than 20 years of industry knowledge and has already gained many years of expertise in sales. 

Helge Puhlmann, European President of Yamaichi Electronics: “I am grateful to have Amit on board. His experience and knowledge of the connector market will be invaluable to Yamaichi, our customers and our production.”

Amit Lampert is also positive about the collaboration, “I am very happy to have joined Yamaichi. I am excited to see where we are heading in the coming years.”