Altus Reaches Milestone with Inovaxe

Since partnering with Inovaxe a year ago, Altus Group, a leading supplier of capital equipment in the UK and Ireland, has seen increasing interest for the company’s smart storage solutions which offer ultra-lean material handling processes, particularly in light of the ongoing pandemic.

Altus distribute Inovaxe’s entire range of products which includes hardware and software to streamline material handling and accuracy issues in electronics’ manufacturing operation. The equipment can easily pull kits in minutes, reduce errors, increase machine uptime, and importantly help to reduce man hours, an important feature as companies look to increase remote working and build on safe working practices for employees.

Mike Todd, Quality and Operations Manager, Altus Group said: “Covid-19 has meant manufacturers have had to think on their feet and look at ways to streamline their manufacturing processes. They have had to make it even smarter and adapt their business strategies to work with a reduced workforce. Thanks to companies like Inovaxe, we are able to offer solutions to help the electronics industry continue to manufacture products effectively and efficiently.

“As a world leader and provider of innovative material handling and inventory control systems, OEM and EMS providers can not only increase their accuracy, but also reduce machine set-up times, decrease load times and easily recognise any shortages. There is also the extra benefit that the equipment helps to reduce parts handling, an important safety feature in today’s production process.”

Inovaxe has a total production and inventory management solution that addresses business issues that directly impact bottom-line revenue as well as minimise business risk. The innovative equipment has been designed work within a number of industry sectors including electronic manufacturers, CNC machine shops, plastics manufacturers, as well as a variety of assembly-type houses.

Inovaxe’s smart storage solutions store hundreds of reels per square foot with the capability to access parts in seconds. Each smart location is configured to fit a specific reel size, therefore reducing storage space. Only one operator is required to utilise the smart reel storage solutions which detect when reels are added or removed, and light up required parts for retrieval using sensors and LEDs found at every location.

The InoAuto software used with the system tracks each individual reel, providing enhanced inventory accuracy and full traceability.

InoAuto Smart Racks help operators to find parts in less than four seconds and substantially reduces machine setup time. The typical ROI is less than four months.  The throughput is five times faster than the typical robotic storage systems at less than one third of the total cost and less than one quarter of the square footage.

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